bearmon - simple server monitoring

bearmon allows you to set up reliable monitoring in just minutes. bearmon supports several types of checks (specifying a service to be monitored) and contacts (who will be alerted when an associated check fails).

Most bearmon functionality is provided free of charge, with up to fifty checks; simply sign up for an account, add some checks, and bearmon will begin monitoring your services. For features such as SMS, or for more than fifty checks, you can add credit to your account (each additional check past fifty is billed hourly at $0.1/mo).

How it works

As often as every sixty seconds, bearmon will carry out your check (this may consist of pinging a specified IP address, checking that an HTTP response code is 200, or initiating a TCP connection). If the check fails, then two other servers will immediately confirm the check; as soon as the third confirmation is completed, an alert will be sent to all configured contacts associated with the check.

Check types

Contact types

Monitoring locations

Monitoring locations are listed below. These are also available as a text file.